Website Update

Last Modified:15 Jul 2022

The current status of my website

This website hasn't been properly updated in months, and the reasons for that are that i had a lot of assignments from college, and also because i'm remaking this website in nodejs with express and ejs, so yeah i'll turn this into a damned dynamic site, hopefully bun js is working properly until then.

About the website content, i still have a lot of stuff that i'm working at in the background, i have a lot of notes on a lot of things i'd want to talk about! hopefully i can finish the update until the end of the month so i can start to focus more on making what i actually want to

Besides the website i've been updating my arch linux setup (i use hypr wm now 😎), and also drawing a lot as well, since i want to go to an anime con near where i live.

and yeah that's what i've been up to recently